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IceDrive cloud storage

Everything – even file and folder names – gets encrypted on your device before it hits the Icedrive secure cloud. This ensures that no matter what, no sensitive data could ever be intercepted, leaked or deciphered. I love how this web design breaks up the ‘blockiness’ that modern websites can often end up with. While […]

Rebel Recruitment

Nottingham based tech recruiter with strong brand and fresh approach to recruiting

Latitude festival

Beautiful images, textured backgrounds and a refreshing colour palette make this festival web design a pleasure to view.

Jadu (content management system)

Nifty use of video in the header that looks like part of the site coding and subtle transitions

Plausible web analytics

Plausible is a lightweight and open-source website analytics tool. No cookies and fully compliant with GDPR. A transparent alternative to Google Analytics which uses cookies and is part of Google’s data mining empire.

The Friday Habit

The Friday Habit is a reminder to set some time aside to work ‘on’ our business rather than spending all our time ‘in’ the business doing client work. Great use of the background colour to flow into the arrow here.

Nova from Panic Software

Wind Electric Scooters


Written Word Media